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Personalized Home Signs
& Home Address Plaques

Our personalized home signs are all 3D carved and customized
to your unique requirements and tastes.
By ordering your own personalized home sign,
we take care of making a piece of art that will make
your place welcoming where you can rest and enjoy
the presence of your family and friends.
It’s the perfect gift for your loved ones !

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Unique Home Signs

Choose from a wide variety of styles, shapes, color palettes and illustrations to create a unique work of art for your home.

Friendly Support

We are just a call away for all your designing needs. We look forward to helping you.

Easy installation

We can provide everything you need for installation. Setting up your sign will be quick and simple.


Durable Materials

We have chosen a material called High Density Urethane. In fact HDU are very durable and present great advantages when compared to wood. For exemple, paint often cracks and peels off of wood, but it won’t happen with HDU since it moisture resistant! All our signs are 3D-carved by sandblast. Finally, HDU is a great stone-like background texture on which your letters will truly stand out.

Home Address Plaque

Home Address Plaques

Our most affordable product.
Order one today, in 4 quick steps.

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Personalized home sign with a bird

Personalized home signs

Choose from a wide selection of styles, shapes, sizes, illustrations and colors.
Customize, we’ll craft your work of art.

Create your own sign now!

Original Deco was born out of a desire to share our creative and tasteful designs worlwide. Our expertise is based on nearly 30 years of supplying 3D signs to Canadian commercial customers. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to add character to your home or cottage.

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